Our Services

We believe in a dynamic management structure and empowered teams working around the clock to give you greater flexibility. By keeping our vital typesetting, proofing and production resources in-house, we guarantee a faster service at critical points in your deal and avoid any potential breaches of confidentiality associated with sub-contracting.

With over 25 years of experience and 24/7 availability, we specialize in confidentiality, information security, personalized service, and quick turnarounds of four to twelve hours while providing the highest level of customer service and best quality product to each of our clients. We have worked with the world's leading companies on their largest and most complex documentation projects and we service three essential domains :

01. Financial Printing Solutions

Since our founding in the early 90's, we have established the trust and confidence of the financial and legal communities alike. Today, we look forward to earning your business by providing the highest level of service, quality and experience. We possess the tools, team and advanced print technologies to ensure an exceptional customer experience - ease of process, rapid execution, regulatory compliance and, of course, uncompromising accuracy.

02. Publishing Solutions

We’ve been serving the largest and most innovative companies with quality printing services for more than 50 years, so we have the experience and ability to make even the wildest projects a reality. You can expect us to deliver high-quality printed books with competitive pricing. The options for book printing vary to fit any type of book you need created: Cookbooks, art books, fashion or design lookbooks, manuals, booklets, handbooks, catalogs and self-published books.

03. Commercial Printing Solutions

Since 1979, Wonderland printing Limited has helped businesses and organizations communicate their message and enhance their image. While we’ve seen dramatic changes through the years, our focus has always remained the same : meeting the needs of our clients with innovative solutions in fine quality printing. Commercial printing combines art and science to bring your story to life. Paper and ink is just the beginning. Printing is a sophisticated process with cutting edge technology and highly skilled technicians to produce the finest results.